Sunday, March 1, 2009

Great Diaper Deal (coming NEXT WEEK at Walgreens)

EDIT: The coupons reset and you should be able to print another set. However, they now say "any diaper product" not just "any product" so they cannot be used on the wipes. Here is another scenario that is still a good deal:

Buy 3 Gentle Care diapers (size N-2) 30.00
USE: (3) $5/1 printable coupons
Final Price: 15.00, get a $10 register reward

Buy 3 Natural Fit diapers (size 3-6) 30.00
USE: (3) $3/1 printable coupons
Final Price: 21.00, get a $10 register reward

PRINT BEFORE IT'S GONE - $5 off one Huggies Gentle care product and a $3 off any Huggies Natural fit product HERE - print twice.

This is an exceptionally high value I wouldn't expect to last so print two now.

WALGREENS shoppers save these for the week beginning 3/8 when there will be a Register Reward of $10 when you buy $25 of select Kimberly Clark products including Huggies diapers which will be $10 for Jumbo packs and large packs of wipes $6

Gentle care diapers are for sizes newborn to size 2 but there are wipes as well. Natural fit up to size 6.


2 gentle care Jumbo packs $20 + 1 gentle care wipes $6 = $26 - (3) $5 off coupons = $11 at the register get back a $10 Register Reward - net cost $1 for two diapers and 1 wipes. WOW! WOW! WOW!

For those of us with bigger babies---

2 Natural Fits Jumbo packs $20 + 1 gentle care wipes $6 =$26 use (2) $3 off and one $5 = $15 at the register get back a $10 Register Reward - net cost $5 for two packs of Jumbo diapers and one wipes.



Craig and Jordyn Perkins said...

You are amazing!

mooretotell said...

Ali - I sooo want to be like you. Thanks for being such an inspiration to me. Haylee "Pemberton" Moore

Allison said...

Good to hear from you Haylee! You have such a beautiful family!

Allie Z said...

What a great website! it's nice to see something local in AZ. Are you in Phoenix or??? Your stock pile looks much like mine. :)

Oh! You might want to post about the Pillsbury catalina. Email me if you don't know what i'm talking about.


The Fischbeck's said...

K, I came to comment to see if you are Ali L from Encore days at MVT.(I can't see the picture well enough) But seeing Haylee leave a comment I think so!
Thanks for posting all this stuff. I am just a beginner with the coupon clipping thing, but wholly cow it is addicting--and REWARDING!
Julie (Fuller) Fischbeck

Jenn said...

I cannot get the coupon printer to install and I have followed all of the steps. Any suggestions? I desperately need this diaper deal!!!
Jenn (

Allison said...

Allie--Fill me in on the Pillsbury catalina. I wasn't aware that there was a current one going on here.

Good to see you Julie!! Love ya!

Jenn--I've heard that sometimes people have a hard time installing it if they are using FireFox or something like that. Try using internet explorer and see if that works. Or call me ;).

Allie Z said...

Here's the deal:

At Fry's, when you buy pillsbury refrigerated products:
cresents, cookies, sweet rolls, grands biscuits, grands cinnamon rolls,
dinner rolls, loaves, breadsticks, or pizza crust.
buy 3 & get $1.50
buy 4 & get $2.00
buy 5 or more, and get $3.00 OYNSO
Purchase between 2/22-3/21

There are several products on sale for $1 and there are several $0.35/1 or $0.50/1 or $0.35/2 coupons out there. You can roll these $3.00 into the next transaction .

Check out this link:

~Allie :)

Kim said...

Beware, my Walgreens totaled the items, subtracted the coupons and then I did not qualify for the $10 reward. After attempting two other scenarios (and not liking the results), the manager finally felt badly for me and gave me a $10 reward anyhow! I got the deal for bigger babies for 7.89-still not bad!

Thank you for all you do!

Summer said...

Do you know how many diapers are in the natural fit packs? and how many wipes?
Thanks for posting these deals!

Allison said...

Kim-- Sorry about your bad experience. This is why I hate Walgreens and I only shop there when the deals are really great. So often, the register reward doesn't print out and then cashiers make up excuses like "it's because you used coupons" or "it's Tuesday--it never works on Tuesday" or other lame excuses. If it doesn't work, I just politely ask to return the items and get my coupons back. Then I try a different cashier at a different store at a different time.

I did this deal 3 times today at three differnt stores and the register reward printed every time. The coupons worked without a problem. So, there is hope!

FYI--pick your cashier. I have found that older ladies and young teenage boys are the best to work with. You hand over your coupons confidently and they don't question you. I usually know more about coupons than the cahsier anyway so I don't like to get someone who thinks they know all about it or they're God's gift to Walgreens or something like that.

Sorry for the vent--I hope everyone gets their diapers this week!

Allison said...

Summer-- The number of diapers varies according to the size--the smaller the diapers, the more in a pack. I bought Natural Fit size 3 and there were 35 in the package.

The wipes I got were refill packs and had 184 wipes total.

Hope that helps!

Megan said...

There are 30 diapers in a jumbo pack of Huggies Natural Fit Size 4.

Buscando la Luz said...

Thanks for the tip, Allison! I love Pinching Your Pennies too. :-) By the way, my mom just told me about another $5.00 off Huggies coupon available through Here's the link I used:

Allison said...

Thanks Megan and Buscando La Luz! I think the Red Plum website is linked to the website. When I tried to print it said I had already reached my limit. Were you able to print from both sites? A lot of printable coupon websites are linked together so you can't print from all of them. Thanks anyway!

Buscando la Luz said...

I was only able to print one set of coupons initially, so maybe that's why it let me print the redplum coupon? Anyway... I got three packs of diapers and my $10 register reward today. Plus some free shampoo. :-) Thanks again!

Allison said...

I'm so glad everything worked for you Buscando!! :)

felix said...

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