Wednesday, April 30, 2008

CVS Deals 4/27-5/3

First of all, get your $3 off a $15 purchase coupons here:

Free razor and refills:
BIC Soleil Razor or 4pk refills 5.99 (buy one, get $3 extra bucks, limit 4)
Buy 1 razor and 2 refills (or any combination--get 3)
use: $2 printable coupon here: link (print twice but you'll need 3 coupons so find a friend with a computer!)
use one $3 off $15 purchase coupon (link above)
Total out of pocket: 8.97 + tax
Get $9 Extra Bucks!!

Money Maker:
Just For Men Touch of Gray 7.99 (buy one, get 7.99 extra bucks)
USE: Printable $2/1 Coupon @
Try Me FREE Form @
spend 5.99 out of pocket (after coupon), get 7.99 extra bucks and get rebate of 7.99.
(You just made $10 buying something you probably don't need! Donate it to someone who does!)

Deal Idea:
Buy (1) Just For Men Touch of Gray 7.99
use: $2 printable coupon -2.00
Buy (1) BIC Soleil Razor 5.99
use: $2 printable coupon -2.00
1 pencil (or any cheap filler) .25
use: $3 off $15 purchase coupon -3.00
Total Out of Pocket 7.23
Get 7.99 + 3.00 Extra Bucks

Buy (3) BIC Soleil refills 17.97
use: (3) $2 printable coupons -6.00
use: $3 off $15 purchase coupon -3.00
Total: 8.97
use: 7.99 Extra Bucks -7.99
Total Out of Pocket .98 + tax
Get 9.00 Extra Bucks

Safeway deal (4/29 - 5/1 ONLY)

Buy 3 of the following Pillsbury products and save $3 instantly (very small time window of 4/29/08 - 5/01/08) with your club card:

Create 'n Bake Cookies (16.5 oz.)
Ready to Bake! Cookies (18 oz.)
Ready to Bake Big Deluxe Classics Cookies (18 oz.)
Breadsticks (8 oz., 10.6 oz., 11 oz.)
Bread (11 oz., 11.5 oz., 13.2 oz.)
Oven Baked Dinner Rolls (13.8 oz.)
Pizza Crust (13.8 oz.)
Oven Baked Cinnamon Rolls (13 oz., 12.4 oz.)
Reduced Fat Oven Baked Cinnamon Rolls (12.4 oz.)
Mini Bites Cinnamon Rolls (13.9 oz.)
Oven Baked Sweet Rolls (11.5 oz.)
Crescent Dinner Rolls (8 oz., 10.10 oz., 12.4 oz.)
Place 'N Bake Crescent Rounds (8 oz.)

The Ready to Bake cookies are in the ad 2/$5.
USE: Pillsbury Ready to Bake! Cookies or Simply Bake Bars, any $1/2 (5-24-08) SS1-3/16
After coupon and promotion: 1.00 ea

If the Simply Bake Bars happen to be the same price, they would be .50 after this coupon:
USE: Pillsbury Simply Bake Bars, any .55/1 (5-17-08) SS-3/9

My Favorite Grocery Deals 4/30-5/6

(added free sour cream to Fry's)


Mission Tortillas (soft taco size) ~ 1.00 each
USE: printable $1 off tortillas here
final price: FREE

Mission Tortilla Chips ~ 1.00 each
USE: Mission Brown Bag Chips, any size .75/1 DND (7-31-08) RP-4/20
printable .55 off chips here. (print 4 times!)
final price: .25 - .45 each


Mission Tortillas (soft taco size) 1.00
USE: printable $1/1 here
Final Price: FREE

Daisy Sour Cream (8 oz) 1.00
USE: Daisy Sour Cream, any .50/1 (5-17-08) SS2-3/16
Final Price: FREE


Budget Gourmet Classic Entrees 20 for $10
USE: Printable $1/5 @
Final Price: 5 for $1.50 (.30 each)


Team Snacks Promo ~ Buy 4 participating products, get $5 off your next purchase
* Arrowhead Aquapods or Aquafina Water 6-8 pk 2 for $5
USE: Arrowhead Brand Aquapod Mountain Sprint Water 8-Packs .75/2 or One 23-pack or larger (5-31-08) RP-2/24
Final Price: 2 for $4 (.75 after promo)
*Capri Sun Drinks $1.99 (.74 after promo)

Fresh Express Shreds, 8 oz pkg .99 each
USE: Fresh Express Salad Any .50/1 (5-31-08) RP-3/9
final price: FREE

Boneless Beef Round Steak .99lb (limit 2)

Lucerne Milk 2.00 each


Bush's Grillin' Beans (22 oz) 1.25 ea
USE: Bush's Grillin' Beans, any 22 oz. can $1/1 (6-20-08) SS-4/20
final price: .25 each

Huggies CleanTeam Wipes 1.64 each
(this size package is found in the Health and Beauty section, NOT the baby section)
use $3 off of 2 printable here:
final price: .14 + tax each!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner

(added printable coupon)

Check your Wal-Mart for a display of the Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner in the center aisle, possibly back by the baby food. At a Wal-Mart in Utah they were on sale for $12 each. There was a $10 coupon in the paper on March 30th--makes it $2 each! Great deal, even just for the refill inside (if you already have the cleaning system). There are bigger packages in the aisle with the cleaning products but they are more expensive. I just heard about this tonight so I have not been to my Wal-Mart to check, but keep your eyes open for them!

$7 printable coupon:
(makes them $5 each)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Favorite Grocery Deals 4/23-4/29

(added a few more freebies and a money maker!)
(Chex and Nut Crunch Bars coupons are also in the free La Voz papers this week~ hurry out and get them!)


FREE ChocolateChex, Strawberry Chex or Nature Valley Roasted Nut Crunch Bars

They are on sale 4 for $8 with an automatic $4 off when you buy 4--so....4 for $4.

USE: Chocolate Chex, Honey Nut Chex, or Strawberry Chex, any .75/1 (5/31/08) 04/20-SS
Chocolate Chex, Honey Nut Chex, or Strawberry Chex, any .75/1 (4/26/08) 03/16-SS1
Nature Valley Roasted Nut Crunch Bars, any .50/1 (5/31/08) 04/20-SS
Strawberry Chex, any .75/1 (print twice)

Final price (when you buy 4 and use 4 coupons) = FREE

(Sign up at for more savings when you buy Strawberry Chex and Multigrain Cheerios.)

Other items in the promotion (these are all 4 for $4 when you buy 4):
Honey Nut Cheerios
Fruity Cheerios
Multi-Grain Cheerios
Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks
Nature Valley Granola Bars
Fiber One Bars
Milk 'N Cereal Bars

USE: General Mills Cereals, any $1/2 coupons from 3/16, 4/6, and 4/13
Betty Crocker Fruit By the Foot, Fruit Gushers, or Fruit Roll-ups, any .50/2 (5-3-08) SS-3/9
Nature Valley Granola Bars, any .75/2 (5-3-08) SS-3/9
Nature Valley Granola Bars, any .80/2, (print twice)

Final Price: .50 ea (when you buy 4 and use 2 coupons)

USE: Fiber One Chewy Bars, any .60/1 (print 10 times!)
Final Price: FREE (if coupon doubles) - .40 each

There is a limit of one $4 reward per transaction so if you want to buy more than 4 items, you will have to do more transactions.

Other freebies at Fry's:

Rice A Roni or Pasta Roni Nature's Way on sale $1 each.
.50/1 printable at (print twice)
Final Price: FREE

Smallest Rubbermaid EasyFind Lids container on sale for $1.
USE: Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids Container $1/1 (6-30-08) SS-4/20
$1 printable on (print twice)
Final Price: FREE

Muir Glen Organic Tomato Paste on sale for .75 ea. (in the organic foods section)
print 10 $1 coupons here:
Final Price: FREE plus .25 overage! (Use towards your other groceries) Thanks Bargain Moms!

By the way, the Fry's on Stapley and McKellips is taking the Fresh and Easy coupons from their ad ($5 off a $20 purchase). I'm not sure if other Fry's are as well. Albertson's should also take them because they accept competitors coupons but I have not tried it to know for sure.

(The tuna was 1.00 ea which to me was a good enough deal since I prefer the solid white tuna and I just used my last two cans last week!)


Crab Classics imitation crab meat on sale for $1.
USE $1 printable at and and
Final Price: FREE

Monday, April 21, 2008

FREE Body Wash at CVS (4/20-4/26)

This is a monthly Extra Care Bucks deal (so it is good until the end of the month). Sorry this is late, but I haven't been doing CVS for awhile.

Buy Softsoap Spa Body Wash 12oz $4.99
Get $4.99 in Extra Care Bucks (money to use on your next purchase)
= FREE (There is a limit of 5 so you can roll over your ECB's into your next purchase and have zero out of pocket.)

If you have coupons, USE: Softsoap Body Wash, any excluding 2 oz. size $1/1 (4-26-08) SS-3/30 to get $1.00 overage.

(If you are ever paying for your items with extra bucks and you also have coupons for all the items, throw in something cheap like a candy bar and everything should go through fine.)

Supposedly, the 18 oz Softsoap Spa (5.49) is generating 5.49 in extra bucks with a limit of 5. So you can get 10 bottles of body wash for free! (I haven't tried this yet, so I'm not positive.) ~ This is only good THIS week.

FREE or cheap after rebate at Walgreens! (4/20-4/26)

Good time to stock up on dish soap, toothpaste or deodorant. Pick up an Easy Saver booklet at the front of the store to do the rebate. In Arizona we can now do Walgreens rebates online so it is super easy! Just enter your receipts online at (there should be more info in the Easy Saver booklet). 7-day coupons are in the Walgreens ad. (Disclaimer: 7-day coupons usually have stated limits on them but usually Walgreens does not enforce them. The register does not limit them either.)

Rebate #13: buy $20 of Colgate/Palmolive products listed, get $10 rebate. You can submit multiple receipts for this rebate so if you can't find all the products at one store, no worries!

Palmolive Dish Liquid buy 1 @ $1.89, get 1 free (7-day coupon)
USE: Palmolive Dish Liquid, any .25/1 (4-26-08) SS-3/30
Final Price: 2/$1.39

Speed Stick 24/7 or Lady Speed Stick 24/7 2/$5
USE: Speed Stick 24/7 or Lady Speed Stick 24/7 Antiperspirant/Deodorant, any excluding 0.5 oz. product $1/1 (4-26-08) SS-3/30
Final Price: 2/$3

Colgate Total or Colgate Regular toothpaste $1.99 (7-day coupon)
(excludes Advanced Clean)
Regular includes FREE toothbrush
USE: Colgate Toothpaste Regular or Children’s, any 4 oz. or larger .75/1 (4-26-08) SS-3/30
Final Price: $1.24

Here are some scenarios for the best deals:

Palmolive dish soap
buy 11 @ $1.89 = $20.70
use 11 .25/1 coupons = $2.75
use 7 day coupon = $10.39 (it should take off 50% so you can buy an uneven number)
rebate = $10
Final Price: $2.35 overage

If you don't have the Palmolive coupons, it comes out to 11 for .40 with no coupons.

Colgate toothpaste
Website lists $2.59 - $2.99 as the regular price. Make sure to check your shelf price.
Buy 7 @ $2.99 = $20.93
use 7 .75/1 coupons = $5.25
7 day coupon = $7
rebate = $10
Final Price: $1.32 overage

Speed Stick
Buy 8 @ $2.50 = $20
use 8 $1/1 coupons = $8
rebate = $10
Final Price: 8 for $2 (.25 each)

Of course, you can mix & match these products any way you want depending on what you use and the coupons you have. For example:

3 Speed Stick = $7.50
2 Colgate @ $2.99 = $5.98
4 Palmolive @ $1.89 = $7.56
Total = $21.04

3 $1/1 Speed Stick coupons = $3
2 .75/1 Colgate = $1.50
4 .25/1 Palmolive = $1
Colgate 7-day coupon = $2
Palmolive 7-day coupon = $3.78
Total Coupons = $11.28

Out of pocket = $9.76
Rebate = $10
Final Price: .24 overage

Other FREE after rebate items (good all month)--You get the full purchase price back in the rebate. Any coupons you use become overage for you!
  • Aquafresh Extreme Clean Polishing Action OR Advanced 2x Whitening Toothpaste USE: Aquafresh Premium Toothbrush, any $1/1 (5-3-08) SS-4/6
  • Colgate 360 Clean OR Deep Clean manual toothbrush USE: Colgate Adult or Kid’s Manual Toothbrush, any .75/1 (4-26-08) SS-3/30
  • Soy Joy bar
  • Just For Men Touch of Gray haircolor
  • Tums QuikPak 24 dose
  • jane Be Pure Mineral Blush OR Kabuki Brush
  • Wal-Zyr 24 Hour Allergy Relief 5 tablets
  • Wal-itin Tablets 30pk

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Amazing PYP Contest!!

Pinching Your Pennies is having a contest and whoever has the messiest pantry (or food storage area) wins food rotation systems from Shelf Reliance!!

You must be a member of PYP (so join NOW) with at least 5 posts (so start posting) to win and you must email a picture of your pantry to PYP. All the details are here:

Please follow all the rules--this is a great site trying to do a great thing. Too bad I just cleaned out my pantry! But maybe someone I know can win!!

Here's a link to see the different items you can win:

Good luck!! (And let me know if you are a finalist so I can vote for you!)

Friday, April 18, 2008

My Favorite Grocery Deals 4/16-4/22

Hmmm.....seems like a pretty slow week. But after the last 2 weeks at Fry's, I'm ready for a break! Here are a few freebies:


Butler Crayola or butler dental products 1.00
USE: Gum Floss, Dental Accessory or Oral Pain Relief Product, any .55/1 (4-30-08) SS-2/17
Gum Toothbrush, any excluding Dome Trim Toothbrush .75/1 (4-30-08) SS-2/17
Final Price: FREE
(I'm not sure if all these products are included in the sale--I've been sick so I haven't been to Bashas to try it out.)

Jolly time popcorn 1.25
USE: $1.50/1 Printable Better Butter Variety (right variety?)
$1/1 Any Jolly Time Printable HERE
Final Price: FREE - .25

Milk, gallon 1.99 ea

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cheap(er) Gas--ha ha, like gas is cheap anymore!

The Fry's Marketplace on Stapley and McKellips just opened their new gas station. Normally, for every $100 you spend on your VIP card, you get .10 off per gallon of gas. But, this week and next week, you get .10 off with your VIP card, NO PURCHASE REQUIRED. The unleaded gas was 3.25 when I was there today, so I got it for 3.15/gal.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Favorite Grocery Deals 4/9-4/15


Remember, Fry's 10 item mega event is still going this week. So far I have bought 10 Windex, 6 French's mustard, 20 Goldfish, 10 Grand's biscuits, 8 Hormel Chili, 2 BC cookie mixes, 3 BC muffin mix, 6 Mamma Bella garlic toast, 8 Scott paper towels, 5 Shout, 6 Cheetos, 3 Keebler cookies, and 3 Welch's juice. I still need to get the Hot Pockets Calzones and some more keebler cookies. This has been fun!

More freebies at Fry's this week (NOT part of 10 item mega event):
Suave Deodorant 1.00 ea (use: Suave Antiperspirant/Deodorant Product, any .75/1 (5-4-08) V-2/10 )
Brut Deodorant or Antiperspirant 1.00 ea (use: Brut Product, any $1/1 (6-30-08) SS-4/6)


Chex Mix 1.00 ea
USE: Chex Mix or 100 Calorie Chex Mix, any 4.5 oz+ .50/1 (5-3-08) lv-3/9
Chex Mix or 100 Calorie Chex Mix, any 4.5 oz+ .50/1 (5-3-08) SS-3/9
final price: FREE

Suave Shampoo or Conditioner 1.00 ea
USE: Suave Hair Care Products, any .50/2 (5-4-08) V-2/10
Final Price: .50

Milk, 1/2 gal. 1.00 ea

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Walgreens $5 off coupon - APRIL 11, ONLY!

Here's a link to a coupon good for $5 off a $20 purchase. This is valid on April 11 ONLY!

If you don't have other things you are looking to buy, this would be a good time to stock up on postage stamps (with the coupon) before they go up 42¢ starting May 12th. You would have to buy 49 stamps to get to $20 and then with the $5 off, it makes the stamps $.31 each! (It has been a long time since stamps were that cheap!)

Cheap Hamburger Meat!

This idea was posted by a member on PYP and I think it is great! London Broil is on sale at Bashas this week for 1.87lb. She says, "They grind up the london broil free of charge to make great hamburger. In fact, when I asked the butcher last time to do this, he told me that is exactly what he does for his own personal hamburger. He waits for a big sale then stocks up. It has very low fat (butcher said about 98% fat free) and there's hardly any grease left over. He didn't mind at all that I asked for 20 to 25 lbs. of it ground up. He actually searched the store to ask me if I wanted him to wrap each pound individually. Maybe your butcher will be as nice as the one by me. $1.87 for 98% hamburger. Can't beat that price!" I plan on heading to Bashas in the next couple of days to try this!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

FREE Disposable Toilet Scrubbers

HOT printable coupon!

This is a valid coupon on the 3m website but you may have a hard time getting stores to accept it. Stores have lost so much money because of fraudulent Internet coupons that they have cracked down on what they will accept. Fry's, Basha's, and Albertsons will not accept printable coupons for free items. I'm not sure about Safeway and Wal-Mart. I think this is worth printing and trying though!

Please, use restraint when using this coupon. It is in a PDF format so it does not limit how many you can print. I would not use more than 2 at a time.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Fry's $5 off Deal April 2nd-15th (2 weeks!)

* Added a printable for the French's Mustard
* Removed expired coupons (lots expired on 4/6--sorry!)
* Added a printable coupon for the Windex!

Some of these items are a good deal without coupons and there are a few with printable coupons, but you can get the most from this deal if you have been saving coupons. Since I don't feel like writing everything out, here is the code for the coupons in the list:

EXAMPLE: USE: Hormel Chili items .55/2 (4-27-08) SS-3/2
.55/2 = the value of the coupon/the number of items you have to buy per coupon
(4-27-08) = the expiration date of the coupon
SS-3/2 = SS stands for Smart Source (the name of the coupon insert, V stands for Valassis) and 3/2 is the date this coupon was in the paper. Clear as mud??

NEW! Add coupons to your Fry's VIP card through These coupons come off automatically at the register (will only come off once) and may be used in addition to any other coupons you have!! There are a few that work with the deals this week!

10 Item Mega Event
~ Buy any 10 participating items, get $5 off instantly with card.
~ Mix & Match.
~ Limit 3 rewards per transaction.
~ Valid 4/2/08-4/15/08

50¢ each (before coupons) When You Buy 10

SoBe Life Water

Hormel Chili
USE: Hormel Chili items .55/2 (4-27-08) SS-3/2
final price: FREE

Pillsbury Golden Layer Biscuits

Pillsbury Grands Biscuits (small, 5 biscuit size)
USE: Pillsbury Grands! Refrigerated Biscuits, any size/variety .30/2 (4-19-08) SS2-2/10 Pillsbury Grands! Refrigerated Biscuits, any size/variety .30/2 (5-24-08) SS1-3/16
Pillsbury Refrigerated Grands! Biscuits, any size/variety .30/2 (5-3-08) SS-2/24
final price: .20 ea

French's mustard
USE: Frenchs Classic Yellow Mustard or Spicy Brown Mustard, any .50/1 (6-30-08) SS-3/9 French's Classic Yellow or Spicy Brown Mustard, any .50/1 (4-20-08) SS-1/20
printable coupon here:
final price: .50 overage

Goldfish crackers

Fry's Pretzels

Lipton Sides - rice or pasta

Kroger Toaster Treats

Betty Crocker Cake Mix

Haagen Daas Ice Cream 4.25oz

Pedigree Dog Food 22oz cans
USE: Pedigree Cans or pouches .75/10 (5-24-08) V-2/24
Pedigree Wet Food For Dogs .75/10 Cans or Pouches (4-19-08) V-1/20
printable .75/10 coupon at
final price: .40 ea

$1.00 each (before coupons) When You Buy 10


Cheez-it crackers

Peter Pan Peanut Butter

Keebler Fudge Shoppe Cookies
(coupons for these coming Sunday!)

Healthy Choice Simple Selection Entrees

Marie Callender's pot Pies

Pillsbury French Loaf or Biscuits (Pizza Crust is also included)
USE: Pillsbury Italian Meal Breads, any .40/2 (4-26-08) SS-2/17
Pillsbury Italian Meal Breads, any .50/2 (5-24-08) SS1-3/16
Pillsbury Refrigerated Pizza Crust, any .50/1 (4-6-08) SS-1/27
final price: FREE (for pizza crust) - .60 ea

Philadelphia Soft Cream Cheese

Betty Crocker Cookie Mix pouch
USE: Betty Crocker Cookie Mix, any flavor 17.5 oz. or larger .50/1 (5-10-08) SS1-3/16 printable .60/1 coupon at (says "do not double")
final price: FREE-.40 (if they don't double the printable coupon)

Betty Crocker Potatoes
Betty Crocker Potatoes, any flavor Box or Pouch except Potato Buds .35/1 (5-10-08) SS1-3/16
final price: .30 ea

Progresso Light Soup

Scott Paper Towels 1 mega roll
use: Scott paper towels, any $1/4 rolls or more (4-27-08) SS1-3/16
printable $1/2 coupon here
final price: .50-.75 ea

Clorox Bleach

Beneful Dog Food 10oz

Whiskas Temptations cat food 2.1-3oz
USE: Whiskas Temptations Treats for Cats (2.1oz or 3oz pouch) $1/2 (4-19-08) V-1/20
final price: .50 ea

$1.50 each (before coupons) When You Buy 10
Kraft Shredded or Bar Cheese

Kraft American Cheese 12oz

Hot or Lean Pockets , Subs or Calzones
USE: Hot Pockets Calzone, 8.5 oz. pkg .50/1 (5-4-08) V-2/10
Hot Pockets, Lean Pockets, Hot Pockets Croissants, Hot Pockets & Lean Pockets Subs, Hot Pockets Biscuits, Hot Pockets & Lean Pockets Stuffed Pastries, any variety 8 - 9 oz. pkgs $1/3 (5-4-08) V-2/10
final price: .50-1.17 ea

Tony's Pizza

Classico Pasta Sauce

Mamma Bella Garlic Toast
USE: Mamma Bella Garlic Bread or Garlic Toast, any box .50/1 (5-11-08) V-2/10
final price: .50 ea

Spam 12oz

Betty Crocker muffin mix
USE: Betty Crocker Box Muffin Mix, any flavor/variety .50/1 (5-10-08) SS1-3/16
final price: .50 ea

Betty Crocker Brownie mix

Dole Fruit Bowls or Jars

Kellogg's Fruit Snacks

Rice Krispies Treats 6.2oz

Welch's Grape Jelly or Jam

Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sandwiches or Bowls

Aunt Jemima pancakes or entrees
USE: Aunt Jemima Frozen Breakfast Items any $1/2 (4-27-08) SS-3/2
final price: 1.00 ea

Eggo waffles
USE: Eggo Products $1/2 (4-30-08) Bashas' ad last week
final price: 1.00 ea

Windex (my store didn't carry the Outdoor cleaner so I'm not sure if it is included)
USE: Windex Antibacterial Multi-Surface Cleaner $1/1 (5-10-08) SS-3/30
Windex Glass or Multi-Surface Cleaner, any $1/1 (5-10-08) SS-3/30
Windex Outdoor Window & Surface Cleaner $1/1 (5-10-08) SS-3/30
printable $1/1 coupon here:
final price: .50 ea

USE: Shout laundry product, any .75/1 (5-10-08) SS-3/30
final price: .50 ea

Clorox Wipes

Quaker Chewy Granola Bars
USE: Quaker Chewy Granola Bars, any boxes $1/2 (4-19-08) SS-2/24
final price: 1.00 ea

Milk Bone Dog Biscuits

Tidy Cat Cat litter 10lbs
USE: Purina Tidy Cats cat litter, any $1/1 (4-29-08) V-2/10
printable $1 coupon here
final price: .50 ea

$2.00 each (before coupons) When You Buy 10
Kellogg's Cereal (not sure if these varieties are included)
USE: printable $1 off Rice Krispies with Strawberries here
final price: 1.00 ea

Special K Bars or Bites
USE: Kellogg's Special K Bliss Cereal Bars, Special K Cereal Bars or Snack Bites 6ct or larger .55/1 (6-8-08) V-3/30
final price: 1.00 ea

Breyers Ice Cream

Sara Lee Fruit Pies

Minute Maid Orange Juice or Fruit Drinks

Welch's 100% grape juice
USE: Welch's 100% Grape Juice (46 oz, 64 oz, or 96 oz) .75/1 (5-15-08) SS1-2/10
final price: 1.00 ea

Dannon Yogurt or Smoothies 4-8pk or 24-32oz
USE: Dannon Light & Fit 0% Plus 4 or 8 pack, any $1/1 (6-2-08) SS-3/2
final price: 1.00 ea

Hunt's Snack Pack Pudding family pack 42oz

Nabisco Ritz, Chips Ahoy! or 100 calorie Packs

Popsicle Novelties 18-30ct

Weight Watchers frozen treats 4-12ct

Dreyer's Dibs 60ct

Ziploc Storage Bags
USE: Ziploc Bags with Easy Zipper, any .55/1 (4-19-08) SS-2/24
Ziploc Bags, any $1/2 (5-10-08) SS2-3/16
Ziploc Bags, any .40/1 (5-10-08) SS2-3/16
final price: 1.00-1.50 ea

Glade candles 4oz
USE: Glade 4-oz. Jar Candle or 2 in1 Candle, any $1/1 (4-26-08) SS2-3/16
final price: 1.00 ea

Dawn Dish Detergent

C&H Sugar 5lb
USE: C&H Products, 2 lbs.or larger .55/2 (5-31-08) V-3/2
final price: 1.50 ea

Crisco pure canola oil 48oz

Oroweat English Muffins

Thomas Bagels

Hidden Valley Ranch

Newman's Own Salad dressing
USE: Newman's Own Marinade or Salad Dressing .50/1 (4-30-08) V-3/30
final price: 1.00 ea

Vlasic pickles

Morning Star Farms Entrees

Buitoni pasta or sauce