Sunday, July 20, 2008

Walgreens Brand Diaper Deal!

Today and tomorrow (July 25-26) combine the July and August EasySaver coupons for even more savings! Here is a link to print the August EasySaver coupon in case they don't have it out at the stores: August EasySaver Catalog (the coupon is on page 11)

YAY for cheap or FREE diapers!!

This was posted on Pinching Your Pennies:
The diaper deal combines the sale price, a RR, a ESR c/o, & a coupon in the $50 coupon book you can get in the pharmacy by ASKING about their Rx program.

$17.97 = (3) pkgs of diapers or training pants @ $5.99 each (sale starts 7/20)
-$7.50 = (3) Instant Value c/o in Rebate book (pg 17) Save $5 on 2
-$6.00 = (3) $2 off c/o Pharmacy book (advertised in Rebate book pg 60 in blue oval)
$4.47 = OOP

Get a $5 RR for buying 3 products. This RR is advertised in the Rebate book on pg 27. Don't forget - WAG RR do NOT roll like those at other stores! I use my RR and reload my WAG gift cards. You will need a filler item for each RR you are going to put onto gift cards.

I took full advantage of this deal the week of 6/29 when they were on sale for $5.99. There's only 1 "glitch" I am forseeing: The Walgreens brand items are getting a new logo. The NEW logo items have NEW UPCs - so if you get a package with the "W" logo instead of "Walgreens" - the pharmacy coupon will not come off automatically. Some stores/cashiers will price adjust the diapers to $3.99 so you will get your savings. I am not sure if they will "fix" the coding in the registers to work by then or not. So you may have issues using the Pharmacy coupon.

But even without that coupon - $2 a package is CHEAP! You can afford to use 3 X more diapers at that price.

Questions I encountered previously at WAG:

No - you do NOT need to SIGN UP for the Rx savings club to get the coupon book. It clearly states in the rebate book that you get $50 in coupons "just for asking!". See page 60 of the ESR book.

Yes - the stores should have all received the books. If the pharmacy staff does not know where they are - ask for a manager.

The cashier does not need to keep the pharmacy book coupon because it is a Walgreens coupon.
I just left the coupon in the pharmacy book and pointed to it. This is the same as the ESR c/o and the 7-day coupons which they do not keep.

Yes - you can use a Rebate book coupon IN ADDITION to the pharmacy coupon. This is comparable to using a Rebate book coupon AND a 7-day coupon.

If you wait until Friday and Saturday you can overlap the July and August Easy Saver coupons for more FREE diapers!

The Aug Easy Saver rebate book has a $5/2 diaper coupon in it as well. In my experience I am able to use a coupon from each month's ESR book on the "overlap" days. So on the 25th & 26th - you can actually get "overage" on the diapers (after the RR is considered) by using the coupon out of the July book, in addition to the one out of the Aug book. This is actually a better deal than the pharmacy book. (I would not suggest trying to use both easy saver book coupons AND the pharmacy coupon--that would not be fair to Walgreens IMO.)


Precious said...

This diaper deal is phenomenal. My DIL did this twice and I am sure will be doing it again.

The Reese Family said...

Fantastic deal! I got a smokin deal on this one! Thanks!

The Reese Family said...
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The Reese Family said...

I've been buying a lot of diapers and giving them to people in need - today I visited the WG at Power & QC road and they would only honor ONE of the coupons, so I didn't buy from them. The asst. manager said that since the coupons say that they're "not valid with any other offer", he wouldn't scan more than one...just an FYI.

The Reese Family said...

In the August EZ saver catalog, all of the coupons are only good for TODAY, 7/26, what's up with that? Are they going to put out another catalog for the rest of the month???

Allison said...

Hmm, I don't know about that because my stores don't have the catalog out yet. I just took a printout of the EasySaver PDF with me to get diapers last night. Worked like a charm at Main and Greenfield and Brown and Greenfield in Mesa.

ahwatukeewarrior said...

Allison, Thanx for explaining the diaper deal in such detail. I was a first timer and was able to secure 714 diapers by doing this deal for a total of $11. It would have only been around $4.67OOP but i messed up at the second Walgreens and bought the premium brands and not the regular. But we were all so excited. I did go to 4 different Walgreens. All the cashiers just looked at me dumbfounded, except for one who tried to give me problems but the manager said that she had to honor both the coupons for me because of the overlap days. Thanx again. I am so glad I found your post